Curious Beta tester? Have a look!

We want to democratize the ability to engineer good habits and give every person across the world this ability. We do this by digitizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), an area where we are very experienced.

In order for us to succeed with this we need to step-by-step develop a product that enables this. It won’t be perfect from the start, but with your help we can get there. It would be amazing if you and your friends have the ability to Beta test the product and consequently contribute with something that is very net positive to society.

Get started

The Beta unfortunately only works on iOS devices.

  1. Download the App called Testflight in Appstore.
  2. From your iOS device open the link:
  3. In the Testflight App you accept the beta test invitation. Happy Habits will open from here the first time, but then you find it amongst your other Apps.
  4. Provide any feedback on the App:
Send feedback

Thank you!